Since 1999 we support developers of embedded/realtime, Windows or Linux systems with our professional software training and consulting services. During this time more than 3000 participants have been trained, not only in Germany but also within the EU and beyond. Additionally we provide training partnerships for software manufacturers which allow them to benefit from our long-time experience in their product trainings.


What our customers mostly appreciate in these fast-paced times is our concept of imparting crucial core areas of a technology profoundly with background information rather than listing more and more information details in less and less time. This approach is an important concern to us because a sustainable success can only be achieved on this base.


The subject matter to be taught is an important element of every course, but experience shows that much more is required for a really good training. Due to the permanently increasing time pressure the quality of the didactical approach together with the professionalism of the presentation is more and more deciding. Equally important are thoroughly elaborated course notes allowing the participants to concentrate entirely on the lecture and to make use of the contents also after the training. Finally, descriptive exercises and concrete application examples build the prerequisites to allow for an immediate application of the newly acquired knowledge in the project.
These are the criteria which we go by when our courses are developed, improved and conducted, while our customers benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the area of professional technology impartation.